PingPong Ambassador Program

If you are a PingPong account holder,
Refer your friend and both get a reward of $25 each


Refer new users and Receive awards from PingPong

Use your own network to earn extra money with PingPong India Ambassador Program: Easy and Quick!

The referred friend and you will receive $25 once qualified.

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Program details


Attractive reward and great potential

You will receive a commission of 25 USD with every qualified customer that signs up for a PingPong account with the link PingPong customized


The friend you referred will also receive a reward

The referred friend (who has signed up for a PingPong account via your Link) will also receive 25 USD once qualified.


Award distribution method (applied for both referrer and the referred)

Commission will be added up each month and sent into your PingPong account.

Keep track of your performance

Easily keep track in your PingPong personal account:
  • Your own Referral link
  • Number of users who signed up via your link
  • Number of qualified referrals
  • Total amount for your reward

Supporting documents

PingPong provides supporting documents assisting you in joining the program (Registration Guide, PingPong User Manual, Updates from PingPong and related questions). Contact for more info regarding documents

How to join PingPong user

Sign up to join the Ambassador Program on this page.Receive your Link from the PingPong team and share this registration link to your network.


Your friend signs up for a PingPong account.


You receive the award when the referred friend signing up with PingPong becomes qualified.

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For more details about the program please read Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to participate in the program, you agree with Terms and Conditions of the program.