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The most comprehensive payment solution for receiving money from your overseas business partners.

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$150 Million

PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for international eCommerce sellers just like you.

1 Million

More than 1,000,000 sellers turn to PingPong for safely bringing their money home.

$90 Billion

PingPong has processed more than 90 billion dollars in cross-border payments for eCommerce.

Your Business Benefits from PingPong BPocket

  • PingPong BPocket


Receiving Funds
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    Your business partners in the USA/Canada load their PingPong account at no charge

    (Via Net-banking & Debit card)

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    Money transfers from PingPong to PingPong account are FREE

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    PingPong to PingPong account money transfers occur in REAL-TIME

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    No limits to sending and receiving funds

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    Seamless Mass Payouts

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    FIRC at no additional cost

Global Operation and Simple Money Transfers with PingPong


Sign into your PingPong account


Your partner creates a free PingPong account and loads money from their collection account


Once topped-up, your client can send funds to your PingPong account


You receive the money in your India collection account in INR

Join the community of 1 Million + PingPong users worldwide


Known and Respected for
Safety & Trustworthiness

Regulated by RBI in India


Connecting You
to Global Trade

Expand your business globally with PingPong


Transparent Pricing

You get access to transparent pricing and a simple FX calculation system