Receiving export business
payments is much easier
with PingPong.

Experience the Best FX Rates in the Industry


As an exporter , You need a quick and easy method for your clients and customers to pay you. We make it easy for you to send payments and for them to pay you safely and securely using their bank account, directly. In short, it’s a great way to get paid by your global clients.

Benefits from PingPong Payments!

Pricing Pricing

The most competitive and transparent FX pricing for global sellers. Pricing is also displayed in your account portal for transparancy.

Get International Payments into your Local Bank Get International Payments into your Local Bank

Get virtual receiving accounts in USD, GBP, EURO, AUD etc. Receive B2B payments from anywhere in the world, Funds are automatically transferred to your India bank account in INR at very competitive rates.

Fast and Secure Payments Fast and Secure Payments

Safe and hassle free cross-border payments; faster than you would have ever experienced

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Nurturing Business of Tomorrow Nurturing Business of Tomorrow

Business Accelerate Program (BAP) - Program to help Indian SMEs and Brands grow Global on Amazon.
Xcelerate Program: Help you grow your business an international E-commerce ecosystem on new platforms ebay, etsy, Shopify, Rakuten etc.
The Leaders Program: PingPong invites our customers to participate in our loyalty program 'The Leaders'. Get a chance to win International Holiday trips, Yearly volume quotas and other requirements apply.

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3 Simple Steps to Receive Direct Payments.


Sign up, and instantly receive virtual banking details, including local banking swift codes, to conduct international business with your network. Account details are available in USD/AUD/GBP/EUR - and more.


Your customers can pay you directly from their local business bank account, in local currencies.


Once payment is initiated and approved, funds are made available in your PingPong account and can be transferred directly to your India bank account.

Why Do One Million Customers Trust PingPong?

Global Stamp of Approval

PingPong is licensed in all of the countries where we operate. We are regulated under RBI under the OPGSP licensing with our partner, CitiBank, as well as regulated worldwide.

Platform Security

PingPong provides the highest level of security to keep your money safe including two-factor authentication (personal pin and SMS verification). Moreover, PingPong is the only company safeguarding your money. No third parties are loaning us their licenses or services to conduct the business we help you conduct.

Prestigious Partner Network

We partner with reputable brands such as Citibank, J.P. Morgan, and Wells Fargo that are licensed to operate efficiently, protect your money, and are subject to regulatory and supervisory frameworks across the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

PingPong Awards


In 2018, 2020 and 2022 PingPong was honored by CB Insights in the Top250 World's Top Fintech Startups.

In 2019 , PingPong won the Alexander Hamilton Award for Best Payment Solution and was in the FxC Intelligence Top100 Best Cross-Border Payments Company.

In 2021 , PingPong received the award of Best Payment Solution Provider in the US in 2021 by Global Banking & Finance Review.

PingPong Solutions

Multi-user Account Access
Multi-user Account Access

Multi-user Account Access

Managing a large team? We support multiple users under a single PingPong account with full control of permissions for each user.

Supplier Payments & Credit Card (Foreign Entity)
Supplier Payments & Credit Card (Foreign Entity)

Supplier Payments & Credit Card (Foreign Entity)

For businesses with US/UK/EU entities, we enable you to top up your PingPong account from your own bank account, or provide you with a credit card to pay for suppliers all around the world. Plus, the Transfer Fund within the PingPong network is at NO Charge.

Support Multiple Currencies
Support Multiple Currencies

Support Multiple Currencies

PingPong offers its clients individual virtual bank accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD.

Account Management & Customer Support
Account Management & Customer Support

Account Management & Customer Support

24 x 7 customer support on Email, WhatsApp, Phone. Hand hold Account Management instant support for growing business and payment issues.



Download Free Automated Digital FIRC from PingPong Portal.

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