Wayfair is one among the world's biggest online marketplace for home furnishings, decor, home improvements and housewares. It is a large and growing marketplace dedicated to all or any products for the home. Categories range from furniture, linens, decor and kitchenware to headquarters furniture, home improvement, and yard - everything without exception for a home and garden.

In 2019, Wayfair had the biggest market share with 33.4% of online furniture sales.

During the corona-virus pandemic, consumers are spending more time and  money for their home.

Wayfair.com detailed online sales increased 20.1% in its first quarter . In addition , within the first few weeks of its second quarter, sales are up 90% year over year.

Why should you sell on Wayfair Marketplace ?

They are exclusively a home-wares marketplace and a number one marketplace for items within the home categories.

To become a seller on Wayfair, you're required to finish the seller application form.

Wayfair works a drop shipping model significance; they do not hold the stock of merchants.

When a purchase is made, Wayfair will inform you of the order. You are then required to fulfill the request utilizing Wayfair's courier accounts. The conveyance at that point shows up at the purchaser with a Wayfair pressing slip.

Wayfair charges dealers a little commission, yet in addition arranges evaluation with their merchants. This normally will in general be on a discount value premise.

Wayfair Marketplace Statistics and Facts:

Here are a few of the most interesting Wayfair facts and Statistics:

Most importantly, with eCommerce expected to hit $4.5 trillion continuously by 2021.

As of scripting this article, Wayfair attracts 63.36 million unique visitors to your products (as per the info by Similar Webs).

19.1 Million active Customers and each spends $447 per year(average) across 1.86 orders.

Being the home to the largest online home furnishing market, Wayfair marketplace is one among the booming eCommerce markets within the US.

Wayfair spends the greater part of its benefit on publicizing items. That being stated, Wayfair encourages you to reach a large number of customers. In this way, unraveling half of your issue and helping you sell easily on Wayfair.

To sell on Wayfair can be probably the best decision. As they allow you to sell your items to over 60.82 million unique visitors. Helping you support your sale and access the developing home eCommerce market.

Now, Indian ecommerce exporters can expand their global business with more marketplaces. Wayfair is one such market place for ecommerce sellers.

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