In our childhood, we all used to be hyper-excited about birthday celebrations. There would be unlimited food, games, return gifts, and fun. But, as we grew up, we have lost that excitement down the line.

Today, we are 9-5 working  entrepreneurs, e-commerce merchants, and what not building our empires and have forgotten how we used to stay excited for birthdays. Today the definition of celebration is restricted to going out for dinners with our loved ones.

Zero excitement. Zero expectation. Zero surprises.

PingPong is here to clutch you all to our thrilling and exciting birthday celebration.

We won't be serving you cliche things like cakes and snacks, but from 1 November 2021 - 15 January 2022, our unique 'Wheel of Fortune' is all set to fill your reserves with exciting and personalized gifts.

It's you who made our conviction stronger by joining and believing in our brand, and when millions joined our family, we knew we did the right thing.

So what if it's our birthday, you are the real stars. Do join us on our 77-days long birthday bash, where 1000s of gifts will be showered purely out of elation.

So, are you set to leave your eyes awestruck with our Wheel of Fortune, where you could open your door of luck and fortune?

Wheel of Fortune: Opening an eventful door to 1000s of gifts

PingPong is the home for millions of freelancers, e-commerce sellers, service providers, and e-commerce merchants. We ensure a safe and transparent payment bridge for all our customers.

We have facilitated millions of transactions, and now it's time to make international payments count. But, how? The answer is simple and straight - Wheel of Fortune, a pandora box that unleashes more than 1000 tokens of love from PingPong.

Yes, you caught our thought. We are adding cherry to the cake by announcing our birthday bash during the festive season.

Wheel of Fortune

First, let's break down our party chart for you!

  • What - Wheel of Fortune
  • When - 1 November - 15 January 2022
  • Where - ONLY on PingPong
  • Who - Hosted by PingPong for our lovely loyal customers
  • Why - Because it's our birthday and we want to share 1000s of gifts with you
  • How - Receive the prescribed amount and get the chance to win 1000s of gifts


  • If you are a regular PingPong India user,
  • You will be eligible for 'Spin of Millionaire Wheel' whenever you receive $10,000.
  • You will be suitable for 'Spin of Billionaire Wheel' whenever you receive $50,000.

Whereas, if you are new in PingPong world,

You need a minimal amount of $100 in your PingPong receiving account to be eligible to spin the millionaire wheel.

Basic Understanding of Wheel of Fortune

To begin with, this wheel of fortune works based on the prescribed funding amount that you will receive in the given period (1 November - 15 January).

PingPong will calculate and convert every week's spin based on the funding received in a week. The balance amount shall be reserved and calculated for the next set of spins. For instance, You received $12,000 from a foreign client in your Indian PingPong account. You can use $10,000 for your millionaire spin, and the balance amount - $2000 will be considered for the next slot of spin.

The same rule applies to the spin of the billionaire wheel. If you have received funding of $58,000, you can utilize $50,000 for the spin of the billionaire and club the balance amount later for another spin.

The wheel for millionaires and billionaires differs in terms of numbers and prizes.

The millionaire wheel of fortune has different colors and ranges from 1-21, and the billionaire wheel of fortune is also painted in different colors holding vivid gifts numbered between 22-40.

Rules regarding Spin:

Each spin is associated with exciting gifts. When you press and release the spin option, it will stop on any colored box that defines your reward.  

However, after every spin, one corresponding spin plus volume will be reduced.

There is no compulsion that you ought to use the spins on the day you receive the prescribed funding.

PingPong's 76 days are blocked for you so that you can wisely use your spins for the millionaire and billionaire wheel.

Don't forget to exhaust the available spins within the stipulated date because on 15 January 2022, the program expires, and the spins won't have any accountability.

Millionaire & Billionaire Gifts:

What's the point of playing when you aren't aware of the possibilities you could bag?

Don’t worry PingPong is giving 1000s of exciting and useful gifts.

Want to become a PingPong user and be entered to win exciting gifts?
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It's hard to risk something when it's a do or die situation, but it's just a game, and all you need to do is pray, test your luck and spin the wheel of fortune.

Moreover, it's the festive season, don't you want to own new things for yourself and your family? Why shy away from winning exciting gifts when you have ample chances?

Receive international payments on PingPong along with thousands of exciting gifts during our 76-days long birthday celebration.