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Make money

and make your friends love you!

If you are a PingPong account holder,
earn up to $25 for each referral by inviting your friends.

What is PingPong India Ambassador Program?

Share your experience of using PingPong with your business acquaintances, friends and others from your network, and invite them to sign up for and use PingPong. You receive up to $35 rewards for every new customer that signs up through your link and qualified.

What are the benefits?


High reward

The more referrals the higher rewards


Program support

Anyone could join the program


Referrals trackable

Track the status of your referrals and the reward points

How it works?

Sign up for PingPong India.

Sign in to PingPong and find your unique referral link on Referral page. Share the link with your friends.

Your referrals create a PingPong account using your referral link and start using PingPong for their payments.

Get rewarded for every new customer referred who transactions through PingPong.

Join PingPong India Ambassador Program today!

Sign in to get your personalized link and share it with friends. Once they apply for a PingPong account and qualified, you get paid!