PingPong helps

global e-commerce sellers

bring home more money

With PingPong's up to 1% all-inclusive rate

save on every single international transaction.


The global leader in cross-border e-commerce payments is now in India!


Support popular marketplaces and a lot more.

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No Matter which city or town you are based in, the category you deal in, the marketplaces and countries you sell in,

PingPong Understands your cross-border business needs

pingpongx Marketplace and platform payout

pingpongx Manage multiple stores in one account

  • Pay VAT (Coming soon)
  • Pay Suppliers (Coming soon)
  • pingpongx No Sign up or monthly fee
  • pingpongx Low Cost - up to 1% all-inclusive rate
  • pingpongx 100% transparent – no hidden costs
  • pingpongx Hassle free fast payments
  • pingpongx Safe and trustworthy

Sell to customers all over the world

and receive money in your India bank account

We transfer payments from companies worldwide to your local bank account in INR and USD quickly and at very low cost.

3 simple steps

to enjoy fast and secure payment solution with PingPong

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Sign up for FREE

Create a PingPong account for free.

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Receive money

Use PingPong receiving accounts to collect payments from Amazon, Wish, Rakuten, Cdiscount, App Store, Google Play, other marketplaces and platforms.

Currencies you can receive with PingPong:


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Funds transferred to your India bank account

in INR and USD at highly competitive rates.

Once the funds land in your PingPong account, they are automatically transferred to your India bank account in INR and USD at highly competitive rates

  • $100 Million

    PingPong transfers more than hundred

    million dollars a day for international

    ecommerce sellers just like you.

  • $10 Billion

    PingPong has processed more than ten

    billion dollars in cross-border payments for


  • 250K

    More than 250,000 sellers turn to PingPong for

    safely bringing their money home.



Low fees,

no hidden costs

You deserve to bring money home to India from AMAZON US, Europe, Japan,

Canada and Australia at a better rate.

You deserve to bring home more of your hard earned money.

Save thousands of Rupees per transaction from Amazon and other



The average global e-commerce seller from India

ends up paying up to 4x more in fees than with

PingPong’s up to 1% all-inclusive rate !


PingPong is changing the way Amazon sellers get paid!

You deserve to send and receive

international payments at lower rates.

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A chance to save thousands of Rupees per month…

Do you know how much you’re really paying to bring home international earnings from Amazon?

  • • Layered fees can add up
  • • Advertised rates often have hidden fees
  • • Cross-border payment rates can be as high as 4.5%

Call a PingPong expert in India and demystify your payment expense.

Fast and secure payment to your India bank account

Receive payments in your India bank account faster than ever before!

PingPong enables you to receive payments from around the world directly in INR and USD in your

local bank account in a safe, hassle-free and faster than you would have ever experienced.

Receive money quickly, maintain a healthy cash flow and grow your business-partner with PingPong.


What our clients say

  • “I have been using PingPong Payments for almost 3 months now. They have provided me the best and the most convenient way to receive cross border payments. It’s very easy to use & manage. Thanks PingPong to help me make my startup more efficient.”


    Alok Billore

  • “It’s great working with a company that knows how to keep their customers happy and guides the process patiently. I got my first transfer free which I don’t think any other company could afford.”


    SID Leather





Licensing and Regulation

At PingPong, we care about your success as an e-commerce seller. We want to be your trusted partner today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Rest assured, we take our obligations to protect your money seriously. When you partner with PingPong, your payments will be made on

a secure platform that’s compliant with financial regulators around the world.

In Europe

PingPong Europe S.A. (EU) is a licensed Payments Institution with The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg, and is authorized to execute payment transactions and conduct remittances originating from throughout the EU.

In the United States

PingPong Global Solutions Inc. (USA) is registered as a Money Services Business with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury, and a non-depository financial institution on the National Mortgage State Licensing System.

In Japan

PingPong is a member of JPSA (the “Japan Payment Service Association”).

In Hong Kong

Ping Pong Global Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong) is a licensed Money Service Operations with Customs and Excise Department.

Data Protection

PingPong is regulated under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the 23 NYCRR 500, the New York Department of Financial Services’

cybersecurity regulations.

PingPong cooperates with the Financial Intelligence Unit for each of the jurisdictions in which it operates, and submits financial transaction reports when

requested by the appropriate regulator.


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