There are several steps that freelancers in India can take to ensure that they get paid on time:

Clearly communicate payment terms

It's important to communicate your payment terms to clients before starting work. This includes the payment amount, due date, and preferred payment method. By setting clear expectations upfront, you can help to ensure that you are paid on time.

Use a contract

A contract is a legally binding document that outlines the terms of a business relationship. For freelancers, a contract can be used to outline the scope of work, payment terms, and any other important details. Having a contract can help to protect your interests and ensure that you are paid on time.

Invoice promptly

After completing work for a client, it's important to send an invoice promptly. This will help to avoid delays in payment and ensure that you are paid on time.

Follow up on overdue payments

If a payment is overdue, don't be afraid to follow up with the client to remind them of the payment due date. You can send a friendly email or call to inquire about the status of the payment.

Consider using a payment service

Using a payment service, such as PingPong Global, can make it easier for clients to pay you on time. Payment services provide a secure and convenient way for clients to send payments, which can help to streamline the payment process and improve your chances of getting paid on time.

A freelancer must choose PingPong as:

  • Safe and Secure: PingPong, a global payment solutions provider, is a safe platform that complies with all the payment regulations. As a freelancer, you can receive payment from any part of the world. It does not share any information about the users.
  • Fast: Once the payment is passed from the client, a freelancer will receive it in 1-2 working days. The money will be transferred in your local currency to the Indian bank account.
  • Lowest Transaction Fees: PingPong serves you at the lowest transaction fees to receive global payments. That saves your money deductions in comparison to other payment processors.
  • FIRC certificate: Every time you receive money from abroad, you get butterflies in your stomach. It is because you are unsure whether the payment will be made unless it is done. Secondly, you fear frauds and deductions. But with PingPong, you get a FIRC certificate, that is, Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate after each transaction.
  • Expanding Customer Base: No, you will not be the first one to start with PingPong. More than 1Million users have chosen PingPong to receive their international payments. Thousands trust the brand because it is safe.

Apart from the benefits and convenience that PingPong offers you, the payment service provider makes things easy for clients also ~ USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, SGD, CAD, HKD, AED, MXN, PLN and NZD- Any currency can be processed.

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