Every business entity must comply with certain rules and regulations to avoid fraudulent transactions and to ensure the security of your global payments. As per the law laid down by the RBI, certain KYC or 'Know Your Customer' guidelines make it mandatory to submit the required documents before accepting payments.

PingPong has around 40 global financial licenses covering more than 100 countries and regions.

This blog covers the KYC completion process of PingPong virtual account creation. Because it is our verification process for new clients, you will need to complete your KYC along with your relevant documents later after completing the first song related to creating a PingPong account.

Let us see the process to complete KYC step by step.

Before that, click on the following link to understand the registration part of creating a PingPong account: https://in.pingpongx.com/in/blog/how-to-create-a-free-pingpong-account/

Step 1:

After completing the account registration process, you get access to the next process where you can select the currency you want to receive payments from. Here you can choose up to 10 local currencies.

And, to know about your sales profit we require some documents to verify your identity and keep your payments safe. Documents like PAN card/ Adhaar card/ Passport/ GST Certificate (any one of these) would be enough to verify your identity and also to protect your business from fraud.

Step 2:

In the 2nd step, you need to select the type of your account as shown below in the picture. The required information would be different according to your selection.

Step 3:

Next, you need to enter some details including your name or business name, DOB, country, phone number, bank statements, etc prior to adding your bank details. Fill out all the details correctly and go forward. You will be asked to link your local bank account here. After entering all the information, click on the ‘submit button.

Step 4:

Congratulations, you now begin your journey with PingPong. Click on the ‘next’ button

Step 5:

You get a new email from the PingPong team. If the documents you submitted have some error or if the team needs more information, the documents required to solve it would be requested.

Step 6:

Now, to start your journey, you can go to the website and sign in with your Email ID and Password.

Step 7:

You will find a ‘to do’ box on the left side of the dashboard like the following.

Click on the ‘more’ button, you will get a new dashboard where you can add all the required information including additional documents.

After finishing this process, click the ‘submit’ button to go ahead.

Step 8:

After completing the above step, if you have any queries and doubts or you want any further assistance, you can contact our customer support team. Please find the contact details from the picture below.

Step 9:

Finally, from the PingPong team, you will get an email that reads the approval of the information you have provided. Check out the below image to understand it better.

We appreciate your patients in reading and understanding the KYC completion process. You are now ready to enjoy the best international payment processor in India. To know more about PingPong payments solutions and services, visit in.pingpongx.com

Thank You!