Businesses prosper when there are quality products, potential buyers, and reliable service networks. Today the mode of trade has changed from just being offline to predominantly online. The development of digital infrastructures like the internet, shopping applications, safe payment solutions providers, and fraud prevention mechanisms has boosted online businesses. Amazon,the biggest eCommerce trade platform has backed small to large retailers who have swept their share of profits giving stability to their business.

For eCommerce sellers, elements like buyers, competition, and compliance have always mattered. However, one factor that has gathered prime importance after the outbreak of digital payment methods is secured services of payment processors. In India, Amazon. has revealed the best markets with the maximum number of sellers. There are 70,000 Indian exporters selling millions of 'Made in India' products worldwide.

Small to large, all businesses are growing their revenues manifold by selling their products online. It could become possible because of the business accelerator program. So, what it is and the importance of the business accelerator program, let us see it in detail.

Table of Contents

  1. What is PingPong?
  2. What is a Business Accelerator Program?
  3. PingPong: Business Accelerator Program for eCommerce sellers.
  4. Service offered under the PingPong Business Accelerator Program.
  5. Final Thoughts
What is PingPong?

PingPong is the payment solution provider to promote cross border B2B payments for Indian sellers. The service provider has won the praise of the first batch of Indian domestic sellers. PingPong is a reasonably safe platform that keeps the financial information of the users safe.

The payment solution provider has the most competitive transaction fee, which is the most preferred for Amazon sellers. The Business Accelerator Program from PingPong is another plus that motivates the sellers to use the service. These enterprises have been able to establish their games with the support of the payment processors like PingPong.

Bearing the thought to promote the players on Amazon, PingPong launched a Business Accelerator Program (BAP).

What is a Business Accelerator Program?

A Business Accelerator Program is designed specifically for the developing companies to provide them with mentorship, investors, and other support. More facilities for these companies will help them become self-sufficient and stable. The accelerator under the program enables different companies (in this case, sellers) to connect with others in the network and learn from their experiences. Essentially, companies that use the facility of a business facilitator include start-ups who need guidance for their next steps. Apart from rendering guidance support, a business accelerator also allows companies to access logistics and technical resources.

Often the Business Accelerator Program lasts anywhere from three months to six months. So before you think of the business accelerator program with PingPong, let us first understand why you should consider using this PSP?

Why PingPong?

PingPong is the leading payment solution provider. You know this by now. But that does not fetch the attention of the users like Amazon sellers. PingPong can be trusted by the users as:

  • It provides the amount transfer service at a low transaction fee which is highly competitive in the market.
  • The payments are safe, and the platform is entirely secure to use.
  • The cross-border payment platform approves transactions in different currencies, including USD, INR, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and CAD.
  • All Amazon sellers can avail the benefit of free VAT payment.
  • The Amazon sellers will get dedicated support from the customer team for your local needs.
  • The platform provides convenience to handle multiple accounts of marketplaces from one single PingPong account.
  • After every transaction, the sellers will get the FIRC.

The benefits of using the services of PingPong are many. Let us now look at the relevance of PingPong's Business Accelerator Program for eCommerce Sellers.

PingPong: Business Accelerator Program for eCommerce Sellers.
On similar lines of intent, PingPong launched its Business Accelerator Program. Again, pushing the businesses towards profit, PingPong started the accelerator program, especially for Amazon Global Sellers. The services under the program include accounts management to boost the global eCommerce business of these sellers.

In simple words, the payment solution provider PingPong helps Indian SMEs and brands grow on Amazon globally. In addition, the in-house team at PingPong provides help in account management.

If this excites you, let us find more about the services included under PingPong's BAP.

Service offered under the PingPong Business Accelerator Program.

PingPong renders account management needs to the Amazon Global Sellers through the accelerator program. It further extends the services under the PingPong Business Accelerator Program to support sellers.

The program benefits the users by providing them assistance in:

  • Amazon selling strategy consulting services for those who are new to this platform.
  • Amazon top-selling product selection and category selection consulting services.
  • Product Listing Optimization so that your products search is upgraded improving their visibility on the search engine. It betters the click-through-rate and conversion rate ultimately leading the sales upwards. Amazon experts help the sellers with this.
  • Inventory Optimization and Management Service which will further help you determine levels of supply you can meet at the desired low cost.
  • Amazon SEO Consulting to help you rank better after reviewing your account. The Amazon experts nurture the information as a feedback which further helps you to strategize.
  • Amazon brand consulting and brand reputation management to improve your reputation online. It will further carve the space for you in the marketplace and draw an outline for your online presence. With better search results, you can generate more sales.
  • Deal opt-in suggestions enabling you to pull in more subscribers by introducing deals.
  • Amazon PPC Consulting to help you launch ads on such a competitive eCommerce platform. The experts can handle the day-to-day operations and tasks of these ad-campaigns.
  • Price Optimizations so that you evaluate how the customers will behave to the price bracket in which you have launched your product. In the end, you can determine at what prices you can make the profits and meet your objectives.

PingPong aims to provide excellent account management services to Amazon sellers. It boosts your business, allowing you to:

  • Experiment with sales only after evaluating the performance from extensive data.
  • Make an effective and compelling presentation of your products.
  • Scale your Amazon sales by trying newer markets and tapping the current ones.
  • Prevent your brand from fading out from the marketplace.

The facilities are extended to the Amazon sellers who have a PingPong account only. Those who do not have one can create one and get enrolled on the program.

Final Thoughts.

PingPong's business accelerator program is a premium program for Amazon sellers. The payment method provides motivation to different sellers to try new marketplaces. It is an opportunity to expand the business and earn more customers giving them the advantage of safe and secured payment processors. However, fraud over digital payments has been expected, which creates a concern amongst the sellers. It has also made trouble for the buyers when they find it hard to trust online shopping platforms.