Trade has taken its new path ever since the world got connected with the internet. Now it just takes fractions of a second for a person sitting in the western part of the Earth to buy things from eastern territories. Apart from the internet, nothing but eCommerce platforms like Amazon have elevated cross border business. The convenience of selling and shipping has redefined the businesses to transact in the international markets.

For the convenience of the sellers, the retail giants bring Amazon Seller Central Account facility. It comes with the feature to check different kinds of reports that are essential to monitoring business growth. For example, you can check the payments that Amazon is making to you as a seller. When selling online, trading products is one part while receiving international payments is another; both stand equally important.

To monitor the relevance of cross-border businesses, let us first understand what Amazon seller central is and how it can help in cross-border business growth.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Amazon Seller Central?
  2. Why do you need Amazon Seller Central Reports for cross border growth?
  3. PingPong: How do you save money on Amazon Seller Central Account.
  4. Conclusion
What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is a web interface used by brands and different eCommerce sellers to market and sell products directly to customers buying from Amazon. You, being a third-party seller, get an Amazon Seller Central account facility. It is a central database of all the sellers where they can access the information that informs them of the status of their business.

When you sell through Amazon Seller Central and use your account, you transfer the ownership of your inventory to Amazon, which will further sell and market your products on Once you send the items to Amazon, your job is complete.

Using the seller central account, you can sell the products beyond the Indian geographical boundaries. To promote trade and exports, Amazon launched the Amazon Global Selling Program. Let us see what it is?

Amazon Global Selling Program is:

  • An eCommerce export program that helps you take your business from India to the global markets.
  • One program is widely accepted with more than 200 million paid Prime members and over 300 million customers worldwide.
  • The most exemplary selling program from Amazon allows you to sell in 18 global marketplaces in more than 200 countries.
Why do you need Amazon Seller Central for Cross-Border Business Growth?

Looking to make sales across the world and beyond India?

Use Amazon Seller Central to conveniently trade for cross border businesses. Why?

Here is how Amazon Seller Central can help you cross border business growth :

  • The global reach of more than 200+ countries and territories for sellers to expand broadly to millions of online shoppers. You can get the most extensive reach to customers at one place that makes your connection easy.
  • Strength to offer exports sales and tap your share as the platform has enormous revenue potential. At present, Amazon has a revenue potential of $3 billion +.
  • The broad prospect of growth is because it is an expanding community with 200 million active members.
  • The option is to diversify your sales according to the festivals that run all through the year. With Amazon, you can sell in more than 200 countries and on different events that include Diwali, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Ramadan, and others.
  • Provision of different tools that allow sellers like you with insights on international logistics and customer service.
  • Provides a feature to fetch all the reports that inform you about the sales, transactions, delivery status, returns, chargebacks, and inventory.
  • Offers a classic feature through which you can observe the traffic daily, monthly or weekly. In addition, you can know about total sales made, total page views, sessions, and refund rates.
  • Provides information on details like where the inventory is stored. You will need this part of the inputs when filing the sales tax to the state.
  • Yields in-depth insights on the reasons why products were returned. It can tell you whether the products are defective or categorized to be disposed of. Depending on the status, you can find out about the credits not made to your account.
Different Amazon Seller Central Reports.

Here are different reports that you must check through Amazon Seller Central:

  • Business Reports: The business reports on Amazon provide you with detailed information on sales and traffic. The report contains inputs on what is sold, the amount of traffic, how much is sold, and whether or not the traffic is converting into sales.
  • Fulfilment Reports: Under fulfilment reports, you can identify the fulfilment efficiency by determining the inventory levels, returns, inventory age, and payments. You need to refurbish the number of items that are less, but the demand is high.
  • Advertising Reports: You will sell the products only when your results show up in the search results. If that happens, you can analyze that the advertisements are effective.
  • Payment Reports: Use the reports to understand activities like Amazon charges, refunds, etc.
  • Voice of Customers: This report helps you to evaluate the customer’s feedback for your brand. After analyzing the comments, you can resolve the issues with the customers taking your brand ahead.

The reports enable you to improve your efficiency and performance in the business. Still, one aspect of concern that stands tall is cross-border payments. So let us now see what the best way to receive international payments after your cross border sales are.

PingPong: How do you save money on Amazon Seller Central Account?

Selling items on Amazon is undoubtedly a hassle-free and a quick to learn process. But when making sales outside India, one matter that concerns you is receiving international payments. Receiving cross border payments can tax your pockets in the name of transaction fees, currency exchange fees, and flat fees. But with PingPong, you can save a bit on this outgo.

You can link your PingPong account to the Amazon Seller Central Account. Want to know more about PingPong?

PingPong is a payment solution provider that facilitates your cross border payments and boosts your business. The services it provides are low cost, and the rates are competitive from the market. Now the next question is how can you link the PingPong account with the Amazon seller central account.

Here is how you can link the two accounts to save a few more pennies for yourself:

  1. Log in to the Amazon Seller Central Account.
  2. Under the heading “Payment”, you can add the details of your PingPong account (of the country you are making the sales into, like the USA). You can show the PingPong account details on different marketplaces.
  3. Once a transaction is made, you can receive your PingPong USA account to PingPong India. Further from PP India, you can transfer the funds to a local bank account in India. It takes 1-2 days to receive the money in your local account.

As a result, it receives money at a very competitive rate of transaction fees. In addition, the fees are inclusive of the charges, and then there are no hidden or maintenance fees.


If you are looking to expand your profit of sales by selling the products outside India, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform that you can use. The online retail giant offers you a service named Amazon Seller Central Account. It is a way in which you can concentrate on making profits. Use the reports to monitor the sales on Amazon and upgrade the strategies or products of sales. Another technique you can adopt is to deploy PingPong, the payment processor, to receive your cross border payments at a low cost. To learn more about how PingPong will be beneficial for you, visit PingPong.