Receiving Funds from Your Global Business Partners Just Got More Transparent than Ever

Small businesses & freelancers in India that sell their products or services to international clients in the USA or Canada can now have a safe, effective, the most transparent methods for accepting international payments. PingPong Global Solutions, Inc, launches PingPong Bpocket for its users in India

Bpocket is a transparent cash flow management solution to help you maintain separate funds from marketplaces and other PingPong users. Additionally, with Bpocket, PingPong users in India can receive payments from their business partners, buyers, and clients in the USA & Canada.

Till now, Indian freelancers & SMEs have been paying a lot of hidden fees when they receive international payments. The payment providers and bank have been deducting a lot of hidden fees, which squeezes the margins and makes accounting a dreary task. With PingPong Bpocket managing and receiving the international payments becomes simple and fast.

The transaction fee charged to the PingPong user will be upto 1%.No additional fee or hidden fee will be charged.

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FAQ’s on PingPong dashboard and PingPong Bpocket

Q1 . So what's changed on the PingPong dashboard?

You can find your total account balance using two sources:

1. Your Receiving Account - Receive your funds from a marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal via your virtual receiving account

2. Bpocket - funds received from other PingPong Bpocket accounts

Thus, your total balance = Receiving Account + Bpocket

Q2 .How to Withdraw your Bpocket funds to your India bank account?

PingPong India users' funds will be withdrawn automatically via Bpocket and deposited to the designated local India bank account linked to your PingPong account.

Q3 .Steps to Receive Business Payments from the USA and Canada to India

Step 1: Register your PingPong account in India.

Step 2: Your Client creates a US PingPong account.

Step 3: PingPong US users can top up their PingPong account using a local bank or a debit card or using their PingPong marketplace receiving account funds to make supplier payments to a PingPong India account.

Step 4: You receive funds in your PingPong India account with capabilities to withdraw automatically to your local bank account in INR

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