PingPong Payments India, an international payments service provider has made a simple process of collecting the Global payments from E-Commerce Marketplaces.

PingPong Payments India enables businesses in India to accept International Payments from Foreign Countries. To receive money as an e-commerce seller, you need to have a business account through PingPong.

PingPong is for?

  • Shopify Merchants: As a Shopify merchant you can choose Pingpong to accept global payments from Stripe.
  • eBay Seller: You should be able to receive payments from eBay into your PingPong account via Stripe.
  • Dropshippers: For Dropshipping business, you can use PingPong to receive payments from Stripe.
  • D2C Website users: If you are a D2c Website user and want to receive money, you need to integrate your Pingpong account with Stripe.
  • Entrepreneur: They can use PingPong to receive money from global clients.

What are the Benefits offered by PingPong ?

  • Low Transaction Fee: PingPong Charges only 1% Transaction Fee. So, you can save upto 2.5% on the International Currency Exchange Fee.
  • Fast Processing Payments: You can receive your global payments in 1-2 days time.
  • Auto Payment Transfer: No need to withdraw from PingPong, it is auto payment transfer to your local payment in India.
  • Global Payments Support: Get paid from your clients in the USA through their  PingPong account in the USA.
  • Free FIRC: Get FIRC for each payment at zero additional costs.

Steps to integrate your PingPong account to Stripe USA:

Step1: Go to the main screen of Stripe and select “Setting”.

Step2: Select the “Payments and Payouts” section ⇒ Under this, select the “Bank accounts and scheduling”.

Step3: Click on “Add Bank account”

Step4: Login to your PingPong account Dashboard ⇒ Find your PingPong details on “PingPong dashboard receive section”.

Step5: Paste your PingPong Details  to fill your account details on “Your Bank account”

Step6: After entering the details, click on the “Add Bank account” to receive your payments.

Now, you can start receiving your global payments via Stripe USA with PingPong.

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