As globalization is increasing into the everyday operations of the business, cross-border payment processing is becoming more important. Understanding payment processing can help you make more informed about the business.

How to view transactions in PingPong Payments account

Follow these simple steps to view your transactions in PingPong account:

Step 1: Sign in to your PingPong Payments account and Go to PingPong Dashboard

Login to PingPong account

Step 2 : Click on ‘Activity’ where you can see your total transactions as well. Below that you can find the filter where you can choose the date from where you need the transactions from.

You can also download the receipt and use the search option to sear a particular transaction.

PingPong Dashboard - Activity

Step 3: When you click on ‘Download Receipt’ there are 2 options

Transaction History – You can select the date range from where you need the transaction history Monthly Statements – When you select monthly statement, you can download each month transaction individually.

You can also download the transactions in 3 ways – PDF/Excel/CSV

Download receipt of transaction history on PingPong account

Step 4: If you just want to view your transaction activities, you can check here. It will be available with all the details below.

How to view transaction activities on PingPong account

Step 5:  How to check the Receipt of the Payment?

Click on the 3 dots against each payment to check the ‘Receipt’ of the Payment.

The receipt will have the below details. You also have an option to print this receipt

How to print receipt on PingPong account

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