Explore Meiya's most profitable listing list, beyond your expectation!

Black Friday Network One has ended. I think the sellers must have seen the news that "XXX sales increased by 680% year-on-year", "Orders surged over 2000%" and other product sales. In this issue, we will review the sales after the big promotion. Some products of the highest Listing TOP10 are introduced.

When screening the list, calculations need to be combined with sales and selling prices, which also resulted in some high-selling products with monthly sales of more than 100,000 but not high unit prices.

For example, the monthly sales of the Magic Claw Beverage which sells about 14.5W and the unit price is 33.98 US dollars, the monthly sales are close to 500W US dollars, but it is a pity.

Another example is the monthly sales of 36W orders, the price of sparkling water is only 9.98 US dollars, and the monthly sales are around 357W US dollars, which is far from the list.

This shows that we need to combine customer unit price and sales volume to screen the list. As expected, many products in the 3C category are on the list, but the TOP1 sales are not electronics.

Enter the topic:

TOP1: Unexpected "printer paper"

Among the listings we have counted, forty boxes of Hammermill printer paper under the category of office supplies stand out, although the estimated monthly sales volume of the 3.1W single is "in the first-class".

The goal is eighteenth, but relying on the ultra-high customer unit price of 1,359 US dollars, it dominates the crowd with monthly sales of 4000W US dollars.

Due to the emergence of the epidemic this year, Europe and the United States started from March and April until today and still carry out most of the activities of daily life indoors-study, exercise, work, and leisure. At the top of the list of home, activities are telecommuting. On May 21 this year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said that Facebook will begin to allow specific employees to work full-time remotely. It said that currently, 95% of Facebook employees are working remotely. This has greatly increased people's demand for office supplies. Many people who work remotely at home have newly purchased printing products and corresponding consumables, and our product has benefited from it.

This product was launched in 2015. From the second half of 2019 to mid-May 2020, the BSR ranking has been floating between 3W-10W, but after Facebook stated that 95% of its employees are working remotely, the BSR ranking overnight From the 5W name to go straight to the current 10 categories, and maintain stability.

After the second outbreak in the United States in the middle of the year, this product was also sold at high prices of US$1610.03 and US$1,562.85, but the ranking and sales volume did not decline significantly. Xiaoping couldn't help but sigh, the product just needed is capricious!

TOP2: New Apple products that always sell well.

On September 16th, Apple held its first online autumn conference in 10 years. The new Apple Watch SE was listed in the 3C category TOP100 as soon as it was released. The current BSR ranking is floating around 50, and it is still maintained. Estimated monthly sales for orders over 7.1W.

Another Apple product that ranks among the top in sales is the iPhone XR (issued at $749), which was released two years ago.

Since the epidemic this year, the price of this product has generally been on a downward trend. Now the price is reduced to $524.97. It is estimated that the monthly sales volume will reach more than 1.4W, which has a very high-cost performance.

At present, the estimated sales of the two products are ranked 2nd and 6th in the total list respectively, with a cumulative total of around US$2400W.

TOP3-TOP5: The biggest winner of 3C products debuts.

Among 3C products, iRobot Roomba is undoubtedly the biggest winner. The estimated sales of the three products are ranked 2-4 in the total list respectively, with a cumulative total of US$2900W.

The three products of iRobot Roomba all have different price cuts after the Black Friday event started on November 20. Take the i3+ (3550) product as an example. During the Black Friday event, the price was reduced by 27.5%, reaching the lowest price since the product was launched 399 The U.S. dollar has remained unchanged to this day, but the ranking is reflected in the continuous increase of BSR. In the face of genuine offers, no one can resist it!

The above is the first issue of the amazing listing series on Amazon-the most profitable listing list, which briefly reviewed some top 10 products in sales.